Welcome to Skansens Restaurants

When discussing a genuine Swedish experience in a classic milieu, Skansen and its different facilities are in a league of its own. Our unique location offers a variety of possibilities for various kinds of special events, with the help of our broad selection of facilities who suit companies of all sizes. We gladly welcome private guests who seek the perfect spot for a wedding as well as companies and embassies looking to host a big party, with high expectations on being well represented. With customer satisfaction as our highest priority, we gladly welcome reoccurring guests time after time and take their loyalty as a compliment to our ability of arranging a successful party.

Events and parties

No matter what kind of event you are looking to arrange, we at Skansens restaurants can guarantee that one of our locals will be perfectly suited for you! Here we offer something for everyone with weddings, company events and birthday parties taking place every day. Our locals include the famously classic Solliden’s dining hall with the best view of Stockholm there is, as well as Solliden’s Galleri where a conference is perfectly suited. Adjacent to Solliden, one will find the magical Gustavianska våningen which offers endless possibilities for any type of party. Nyloftet, Herrgårdsvåningen and Högloftet are all classical locations for the one who seeks a gathering in natural milieu that could look like the place were Vikings would gather. Finally, we offer Tre Byttor, a step back into a 18th century style tavern were both parties and meetings can take place.


We at Skansen are most happy to welcome you to the perfect meeting in any of our 5 enriched facilities. Perhaps it is time for a day of brainstorming a new project, to thank a beloved colleague or simply to gather for the usual business meeting. Together with our project leaders we offer our guests help to customize and arrange a meeting according to your expectations.

With our unique environment, we at Skansen take great pride in the various amounts of possibilities for our conference guests to enjoy while spending the day with us. Where else can one enjoy a peak at the wolves or the seals when it is time for a break! Do not hesitate to utilize everything Skansen has to offer when booking a meeting with us, as we gladly listen to your requests and experiences.


Are you on the hunt for the perfect location with a unique environment to celebrate your wedding day? Then Skansen is the place for you, with endless possibilities to explore and experience. Skansen offers a mix of the past and the present together with Swedish culture and traditions – a combination like no other! Furthermore, we offer a great variety of facilities for you to host your perfect wedding in. Here we have locals inspired by the magnificent Gustavian era as well as locals in rustic style taking you back to the time of the Vikings, and many more for you to further explore.


With Terrassen being open almost every day of the year, it is one of our most natural places to visit when attending Skansen. The restaurant gladly welcomes our guests all year around with open arms. Our menu provides something for everyone, children as well as adults, with vegetarian options always available. A must visit for anyone who attends Skansen!