Sollidens Matsal

Sollidens dining hall is the perfect venue for the big event, with seating for up to 550 guests. The dining hall can also be sectioned off for smaller events.

Gustavianska våningen

Adjacent to Sollidens dining hall one can find Gustavianska våningen; a beautiful event venue with views over all of Stockholm.

Tre byttor

Step right into the 18th century and experience a tavern from Bellmans time. .radwadawda


Enjoy the rustic enviroment of Högloftet, where the decor matches the time of origin.


Nyloftet, as well as Högloftet, offers a beautifully rustic inviroment with seating for up to 120 guests.


Herrgårdsvåningen, the ground floor of Nyloftet, can fit up to 50 guests. For bigger groups Herrgårdsvåningen can be combined with Nyloftet.

Sollidens galleri

Adjacent to Sollidens dining hall, one can find Sollidens Galleri; a bright venue suitable for the smaller as well as the bigger group.


Punschlunden lies at the very top of Solliden. With a 360° view it offers our guests the best possible view of Stockholm there is.

Other restaurants in the family


In our dining hall the possibilities are many. While the sun sets over Djurgården, we gladly welcome up to 125 seated and 200 mingling guests.

During varmer seasons our Paviljongbar is open to groups of up to 30 guests for the perfect After Work with your colleagues.

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Café pauli

Café Pauli offers the perfect venue for bigger groups and companies where dinners and events can be combined with guided tours or rhetorical lectures, together with a variety of options for food and drinks.

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