If you are thinking of planning a party with food, dance and entertainment in an enjoyable and natural atmosphere, Högloftet is the best option there is. The venue’s rustic environment surrounded with décor of ancient mark is what makes the site truly stand out.

Högloftet offers the perfect place for both a Viking themed party as well as a wedding set in authentic Swedish milieu. Here at Högloftet, mead, amusement and traditional fare at accurately set tables is offered to all. Högloftet is suited to fit larger companies of up to 200 seated guests.

Högloftet is also available to book for conferences and offers a unique experience for the bigger meeting. Högloftet offers space for up to 250 participants in auditorium-style.

InternetYes, Wifi
Disability accessYes
*  Must be pre-ordered
** For speaches and background music, contact us for further information
*** Possible to rent
Konferenssittning Middagssittning
Kvm Biosittning Skolsittning U-bord Runda bord Raka bord
Högloftet 198 285 128  60 168 208
Foajén 120
Kvm Biosittning Skolsittning U-bord
Högloftet 198 285 128  60
Foajén 120
Runda bord Raka bord
Högloftet 168 208