Sollidens matsal

For the group that seeks the prime Stockholm restaurant and party location, containing attractive interior and an astounding view over the entirety of Stockholm, Solliden’s dining hall is the obvious choice. During particular holidays in the summer, Solliden offers a menu consisting of traditional Swedish dishes, available for the general public to attend. Solliden’s dining hall is the best choice for the big company looking for a grand party, with seating for up to 550 guests. Moreover, there is also the possibility to section off part of the dining hall for smaller groups.

InternetYes, Wifi
Telephone socketYes
Disability accessPartially
* Must be pre-ordered
** For speaches and background music, contact us for further information
*** Possible to rent
Konferenssittning Middagssittning
Kvm Biosittning Skolsittning Styrelsesittning U-bord Runda bord Raka bord E-bord
Solliden 581 200/300** ** 550* **
Kvm Biosittning Skolsittning
Solliden 581 200/300**
Runda bord Raka bord E-bord
Solliden ** 550* **

* Applies when the folding wall is removed for access to the whole of Solliden
** Contact us for further information